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Achtkarspelen in English

The municipality of Achtkarspelen is part of the province of Friesland, one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. Friesland is a little bit different from the rest of the country. For example, a lot of people speak another language than Dutch. This language is called Frisian and it is familiar to old-English and German.

Achtkarspelen is a spacious and green municipality with 28.000 inhabitants. The area is also known as the "Friese Wouden", which means something like Frisian Forest. The municipality measures about 10.000 acres and counts 12 villages. Buitenpost and Surhuisterveen are the largest two. Buitenpost is situated on the railroad Groningen - Leeuwarden. Surhuisterveen is just a few kilometers away from an important freeway. We also have a large and important canal or waterway on our grounds. Achtkarspelen is surrounded by three larger city's: Drachten, Groningen and Leeuwarden.

Economically we benefit of these excellent connections and structures. Our municipality is known for it's building contractors. Important other sectors include shipyards, metal and machine construction, shipping companies and wood industry.

The civilians in Achtkarspelen benefit from the excellent level of educational facilities, medical facilities, sports, etc. in all of the villages. The cityhall is located in Buitenpost. The municipal organisation consists of an administrative service, where 240 civil servants work for the well-being of our community.

Recreational facilities and tourism

We have an attractive countryside, which is characterised by the straight lines of the landscape and a few small ponds, which are remains of the glacial period. The landscape is suitable for cyclingtours, hiking and canoeing and other recreational activities. Yearly we attract a lot of tourists to our municipality with musea like De Kruidhof and our historical heathermuseum De Spitkeet.

Achtkarspelen is also close to important nature reserves and watersports facilities, such as the "Lauwersmeer" and the Frisian lakes. Forests and heatherfields are in the neighborhood (in Appelscha, Bakkeveen and Beetsterzwaag).

For more information you can call our public relations office at the townhall, number (+31) 511 54 81 44, or send an e-mail to communicatie@achtkarspelen.nl.